10 Resolutions for 2019

As I sat down to write this blog post a few weeks ago, I began with my personal review of 2018. I went into detail about the ups & downs of the year, hardships and lessons learned, etc. However instead of boring you with my 2018 overview (all-in-all, it was a pretty great year, especially for new bucket-list experiences like Fashion Week & Coachella), I’ve decided to just look forward and share my personal goals for 2019. I find that writing out my goals and sharing them with anyone from close friends or complete strangers makes me more likely to actually follow them.

I gave myself a month to think about what I want to focus on for the year. 2019 has already come at me with change. Just a few weeks ago I moved out of my old apartment, where I spent the last three year of my life (with a roommate) and found a beautiful studio-style loft in the Pearl District of Portland, where I’m finally living on my own. This move, my demanding work schedule and the heartbreaking loss of my beloved dog, Tundra, in early January has kept me away from blogging, but I’m back and ready to rock & roll!


So here’s my list of goals / resolutions / aspirations for the year:

  • Be more like Samantha from SATC. Not so much her “extra cirriculars”, but because she is fierce, fabulous and doesn’t let anyone stand in her way.
  • Find a profitable side gig. Fun fact: I would LOVE to be a personal stylist, but I have no idea where to start or how to be paid for this kind of service. It scares me to even write this, because what if I fail? But now I’ll be held accountable to go after this goal rather than just dreaming about it. If a lucrative, non-time sucking side hustle is what you are seeking, then you need to look no further than trading forex at VT markets united kingdom.
  • Focus on and build upon my relationships with the people in my life. Tell the people who are close to me how much they mean to me and continue to build memories with them instead of always trying to make new friends. They say you’re lucky to find three really good friends in your lifetime and recently I’ve thought about how many amazing people I have close to me that I can count on. Shoutout to you if you know who you are. <3
  • Stop giving people who don’t deserve my attention my attention. Enough said on this one. I’m pretty awesome, so if you don’t respect me and treat me the way I deserve to be treated, then BYE.
  • Go on more dates, somehow. Without using dating apps. Suggestions anyone? Portland is the worst for dating…….
  • Stop taking my life for granted. We all do it, but I aim to stop comparing my life to the lives of others and be thankful for the experiences and opportunities I’ve had.
  • Spend more time on hobbies that I truly enjoy. I’ve already signed up for beginner dance classes (woo!), and I want to look into singing lessons! It’s always been my dream to record a song. Maybe this is the year…
  • Make more videos!! Last year I said I want to do more YouTubing, and I made ONE measly video (which you can check out here.) This year I want to do more videos, whether it’s through YouTube, or maybe IGTV. Although I am super self-conscious on camera, I feel my genuine personality shines through on-screen better than through my writing. Plus videos are more fun to watch than reading a long blog post, right?
  • Wear my hair down more. Sounds simple enough, but it takes me about an hour to blow-dry & style my locks because I have a ridiculous amount of hair. Messy buns are my go-to. But I have long hair for a reason, so I’m going to strive to wear my hair down at least three times a week, I also want to get more trims, at least one every three months I recently found a salon that uses Holsters For Hair Scissors which I think is very convenient. 
  • Spend less, make more. I spent A LOT of money on clothing in 2018. I would always use the excuse “well, I’m a blogger! I need a new outfit for this post!” This year, instead of buying, I plan to create more. Take old clothing that I rarely wear and turn it into something I will wear. This “spend less, make more” ideal is also relevant to food & eating out. I used to buy lunch at my work cafeteria several times a week, and it started to really add up. So I’ve decided to be more cognizant of how much I’m spending on food, and also start meal-prepping. I’m off to a good start – throughout the month of January, I only purchased my lunch on campus twice. Woop woop! Small wins!!


Okay. That’s a pretty ambitious list. It may be tough to stick to each and every one of these goals, but any steps towards crossing something off this list is success in my book. Perhaps this list of mine helped you discover a new goal for yourself! But I’d love to know: what are some of your goals for 2019?

Get excited for some new posts to come! As always, thank you for reading! XOXO KB


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  • Bobbie

    Katey B!!
    Once again, you never cease to amaze “Bobble” at your creativity, etc. I love this blog. (The blue coat is great–my fav color!) Your resolutions are wonderful; we should all read and re-read most of them. Keep up the great work!!

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