6 Unique Indoor Photoshoot Locations

6 Indoor Photoshoot Location Ideas (for when the weather is bad!)



With fall quickly creeping up, our days of beautiful, dry weather here in Portland will become limited. And for bloggers, that means creating content can be difficult. Fashion + rain doesn’t mix well.

So, I thought it would be fun to locate some unique indoor photoshoot locations for your next blog shoot! Some of these locations are more difficult to get good content in than others, but get creative and use the six location ideas below for some inspiration!

All photography by Brett Brown.



Pictured: Solabee’s Flowers & Botanicals, 801 N Killingsworth St.

If the weather’s too crappy to be out in nature, find some nature indoors! Plant shops are a great place to take bright, natural photos. Need some posing ideas? Peek out behind big plant leaves, carry as many plants as you can, become one with the plants…



Pictured: Rocket Fizz, 535 SW 6th Ave

A candy shop is a great place for a playful photoshoot. The lighting in this shop was a bit harsh so editing was tough, but we got some great content! Use lollipops, candy bars, ice cream and soda pop as props. Another cute idea? Blow bubble gum! (We thought of this after we left, poor planning).



Pictured: Woodlark Hotel, 813 SW Alder St.

You can find hotels with aesthetic lobbies in every major city. The Woodlark is very minimal, but I liked how the simple yet elegant interior coordinated with my outfit. Try to pick a lobby that is well-lit or gets lot of natural light for the best content.



Pictured: Good Coffee (inside the Woodlark Hotel), 813 SW Alder St.

And the award for my new favorite coffee shop goes to….. no, but really, a buzzing, energetic coffee shop is a great place to take photos. Get yourself a delicious latte and a scone and start snapping away! I’d suggest finding something a little more unique than your corner Starbucks though.



Pictured: Fred Meyer

Really any grocery or convenience store would work! Grab a cart and let your inner child run loose. Chips, cookies and cereal make great props since their packaging is so colorful. Heck, even climb into the ice cream freezer like I did. Surprisingly, store clerks didn’t give a care in the world as to what we were doing – this shoot was super entertaining.



Pictured: Spin Laundry Lounge, 2326 NE Broadway St.

Your neighborhood laundromat is a clever place for fashion photography, especially if you have retro style. Some laundromats even feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Don’t hold back on this one. Get in a dryer, pretend to put coins in the machine, play around in the laundry carts…

Pro tip: if you’re going to try to shoot at a laundromat, bring a bag of clothes in with you so it at least looks like you’re doing laundry. This was the only location where we got asked to leave. But look at the great shots we got!


There you have it! I hope this post gives you a ton of fun inspiration for your next photoshoot.

Do you have other indoor photoshoot location ideas in mind?? I’d LOVE to hear them; hoping this post can be a Part 1 of 2.

As always, thank you for reading! XOXO




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