8 Trendy Ways to Style Athletic Apparel

8 Ways to Style Athletic Apparel into your Trendy Wardrobe

The athletic apparel industry is on FIRE right now. And with busy millennial schedules, consumers are beginning to gravitate towards products they can wear from the gym to work to happy hour, all throughout the day. Guys can wear cargo shorts for big and tall men while ladies can use leggings for both workouts and casual dates with friends. The gap between athletic-specific sportswear and trendy fashion is quickly closing and brands are creating distinctive products that are versatile, comfortable and well-designed for all-day, any-activity wear.

For this post, I’ve put together eight outfits to show how you can style athletic apparel pieces with items from your trendy, fashionable wardrobe. Let your inner hype bae shine with these sporty, street-inspired looks, you can find more info about the pieces I choose here!

Strappy Cropped Tank / Sports Bra (Pictured: Nike Pro Women’s Cropped Tank)

Sports bra designs are rapidly becoming more and more beautiful while maintaining their intended function – keeping the girls in place. This cropped sports bra-style tank gives off major Egyptian vibes, while also being supportive and comfortable. The front cross detail elevates a classic silhouette into a very flattering work of art. So how do you wear this piece outside of the gym? Pair it as a top with distressed high-waisted Citizens Of Humanity Jeans, a fashionable belt and sneakers (or heels!).

Or you could style it with a girly skirt and sneakers. The intricate design details of the tank allow for a feminine pairing such as a skirt. Keep the jewelry to a minimum as you don’t want the focus around your neck and face to be too overwhelming. This bra is so pretty that people may not even notice it’s Nike!

Want to copy this look? Ideas here:

Moto-Style Tights (Pictured: Alo Yoga Moto Leggings)

Nama-stay in these leggings All. Day. Long! Got yoga in the morning and a meeting right after? Toss a button up shirt over your sports bra and grab some snazzy sandals and you are set, whenever I follow up on my routine at I make sure to wear these! The moto-style design and mesh details help these leggings feel like actual pants. And your friends/coworkers won’t be able to tell they’re not.

Got a happy hour to go to after your workout? No need to change! Throw your favorite mini-dress over these leggings with booties and a cardigan and you’re set for the entire day! Nama-slay, girl!!

Some other legging options:

Loose Cargo Pants (Pictured: Nike Woven Cargo Pants)

These pants are very utilitarian but feature matte shine details that make them feel more feminine. I’m obsessed with cargo pants for the following reasons: they are extremely flattering, oh-so comfortable and super easy to style from day to night, office to after-hours. An essential piece for everyone’s closet.

For a sexy, laid back vibe, style these pants with your favorite black crop top and statement sneakers. Throw a bomber jacket over the crop top if you want to be a little less exposed. You’ll look effortlessly stylish yet comfortable!

How to dress them up? The beauty of cargo pants is they look amazing with heels!! Here’s my rendition of a going-out outfit using these pants. I found bright neon pieces to pop against the subtle olive tone and elevate them from casual comfort to my nighttime dance pants. Wear these out and people will not only notice how fantastic you look in them, but they will also be jealous by how comfortable you look. Double bonus!

Find some great cargo pants here:

Simple Graphic Tee (Pictured: Nike “Be True” Tee)

We all own tons of graphic tees so these looks are EASY to copy and experiment with! Especially with so many athletic brands creating funny t-shirts these days, there’s a graphic tee on the market for everyone’s style. I took my Nike “Be True” Dri-Fit T-shirt and styled it under a girly knit dress with overly-trendy dad sneakers – chic, feminine and sporty all in one look!

You could also pair your graphic tee with a flouncy skirt and your favorite black heels. This look especially works for the office, meetings, afternoon drinks, wine tasting, etc. without looking like you’re trying too hard to be fabulous (even though you totally are!).

I hope these outfit ideas give you some inspiration to go experiment with mixing and matching different athletic pieces with your trendy wardrobe! I definitely had a lot of fun experimenting with outfits to put this post together! Also, don’t let society corner you into a fashion-label box. If your style is very chic and girly, you can still rock athleisure pieces outside of the gym as long as you style them correctly and stay true to yourself. As I always say, even if you don’t think you’re “pulling something off,” just wear what you want to wear with confidence and other’s opinions won’t even phase you!

As always, thank you for reading! XOXO



  • Bobble

    Katey B,
    Love them all, especially the ‘sports bra and girly skirt.’ Great photos!! ‘Cargo pants’ look quite comfortable; not sure about the ‘jeans.’ 🙂

  • Elena

    Love the post! I literally only own casual athletic wear at this point and I always struggle with making it look cute enough to actually go out in and not just bumming in it! Comfort over style is my moto lol but not a good thing when you actually have to look your best! Thanks for the inspiration! My fave is the green track pants with the pink crop and heels!! Ahhh literally gonna copy that soon 🙂

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