I Tried an At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

and here’s how it went!


As a blogger and an avid Instagrammer, I am constantly posting pics of myself on my social media platforms. In most of those pictures I’m flashing a welcoming smile, but the yellowish hue of my teeth always made me a little self-conscious. Because of this, I found myself using FaceTune to make my smile appear brighter and whiter. Initially, I thought about a teeth whitening specialist, but instead of finding Turkeys best dentist, I decided on a teeth whitening kit just to dip my toes in this pond. Now, after a few months of using Smile Brilliant’s at-home teeth whitening kit, I’ve noticed a big difference in the whiteness of my smile and no longer feel the need to FaceTune!


Now, I know what you’re thinking… do these at-home whitening kits REALLY work?? I can tell you that results will vary depending on your lifestyle (ex: Do you drink a lot of coffee and red wine? Do you smoke cigs? Do you take care of your teeth in general?) but for me this kit did make a difference in the overall whiteness of my teeth. My mom even noticed a difference!


Here’s why I recommend Smile Brilliant

I’ve tried other at-home teeth whitening remedies, mostly Crest White Strips, and they not only irritated my gums but at times made my teeth unbearably sensitive to the point that eating/drinking certain foods was difficult. Before I started using Smile Brilliant I underwent an oral surgery, I was nervous I would have the same reaction to their product. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that along with whitening gel, Smile Brilliant provides you with desensitizing gel to help prevent sensitivity issues post-whitening. Shockingly, I barely had to use the desensitizing gel – the whitening gel didn’t irritate my teeth OR my gums! One might require orthodontist insurance when it comes to investing of alignment.

With Smile Brilliant, you also get a mold that specifically fits your teeth and it’s simple to create. They provide you with the molding components so you can create your perfect teeth mold in the comfort of your home. Then send the molds back in a provided package so Smile Brilliant can create your personalized whitening trays. Super easy! With Crest White Stripes I always had to readjust the strips or tighten them during use because they would slip around. With personal teeth trays, I didn’t have to worry about that at all.


Tips on How to Whiten

The actual whitening process takes about 1-2 hours per session and can be done anywhere! Most of the time I would use the whitening gel after dinner while I was doing chores around my apartment, watching SVU or writing another blog post. Sometimes I would even whiten my teeth at my work desk, as long as I didn’t have any meetings where I needed to speak (would have been funny though!). The first few times I used to product, I had to find my “sweet spot” as to how much product to put into the whitening trays. If you put too much product in the trays, you’ll end up with a lot of product-saliva mixture in your mouth and it’s kind of yucky. An easy way around this is 1) I used less gel in one session or 2) I would whiten the top and bottom teeth separately. If you do this, you can actually talk coherently while whitening!

In your first Smile Brilliant kit, you receive four syringes of both Whitening Gel and Desensitizing Gel, which last longer than you may think as long as you don’t over-gel your trays. I got about 4-5 whole-mouth uses out of each syringe, so around 20 full-mouth whitening sessions! And if you still aren’t quite convinced, just look at these pearly-whites. No editing needed, and no smile-consciousness now! In case of orthodontic emergencies at home, one can get in touch with dental experts.


Think you’d be interested in trying your own Smile Brilliant whitening kit? Well, you’re in luck!! Click the link below to enter for a chance to win a kit of your own! No purchase necessary, all you need is your name and email address. You can also include your instagram handle and follow Smile Brilliant on ig to increase your chances!



As always, thank you for reading! XOXO



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