Behind The Bootie

(LOL at my lame title)

Fall leaves make for a perfect effortless backdrop. And here in Portland we actually got to enjoy a few weeks of beautiful, sunny fall weather. That means I get to break out my cute booties that don’t do so well in the rain.
Ever heard of Vinted? It’s another buy/sell/swap app similar to Poshmark (which I mentioned in one of my previous posts). A lot of people ask me how I afford to buy all of my clothing, and honestly I get about 30% of my wardrobe from second-hand or discount stores, apps and websites. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but I’m a sucker for a fashion steal. What’s even better is when there’s no money involved at all. The option to swap on these apps is awesome – several months ago I traded a pair of old heels that I never wore on Vinted for these brand-new light grey Wild Diva booties with rose embroidery on the heel. For me, this was a killer trade.

If you’re even remotely into fashion, you may have noticed that floral embroidery is taking over the world one garment at a time. It’s one of the biggest fashion trends of 2017 that trickled down from designer runways to your local Forever 21. My sense of fashion is usually anything but subtle, but I like the unexpected surprise of these roses on the heel of these booties I scored, while keeping the front clean and simple. Since I’m obsessed with color-coordination, I matched the detail on the booties with this bold red knit turtleneck, chose a pair of distressed light-wash denim jeans with a selvage hem, a thick black belt and threw on my favorite black leather jacket to complete this perfect autumn ensemble suitable to go from work to play. Just for aesthetic appeal I threw on some glitzy gold earrings as well b/c I’m extra like that.

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