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How I made my Billie Eilish Halloween Costume



Happy Halloween, friends! Who else cannot believe it’s basically November?!?? For real there’s 2 months, 2 MONTHS until 2020! Fucking crazy. Anyway, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays; I love being able to play dress-up as an adult and wear something different and creative for an entire day. This is probably why I love festivals so much. Any environment where it’s socially-acceptable, even encouraged, to dress outlandishly, I’m there.

So every Halloween I try to top my previous years’ outfit, and I truly think that this year I outdid myself. Back in like March, or whenever Billie Eilish posted this picture on Instagram, I took a screenshot and made a mental note that this was going to be my Halloween costume. I really had no idea how I was going to recreate this incredible ensemble, but I wanted to challenge myself and I certainly rose to the challenge.



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I started by searching for a plain white oversized sweatshirt and sweatpants on Amazon. I got an XL in both styles, but could have even gone up another size in the sweatshirt to make it even baggier. Then I searched for a white bucket hat. Here’s what I ended up buying below. Altogether I spent less than $50 on the outfit! I already owned the long purple wig, also from Amazon, which worked perfectly for the costume. I also bought a brand new pair of Nike Air Force’s, but ended up wearing a pair I already owned instead.


Next came the tricky part… how was I going to create the Louis Vuitton print?? For the hat, I just free-handed the print with colorful Sharpies. This was fairly simple and only took me about an hour. For the sweatshirt and pants, I decided to use acrylic paint. To get the precise outline of each of the LV print shapes, I printed out the pattern elements and made stencils with cardboard. This part was long and tedious, but I just turned on Netflix and went to town. Here’s what the garments looked like before I added the drippy paint layer:



The final touch was the dripping paint. This part was fun. I was going to use the same acrylic paint for this, but found a stash of old car markers (you know, markers that you use to write on people’s cars?) in bright neon colors and thought they would work perfectly. And they did.

Booyah, the final outcome was even more fantastic than I expected.



Now all I can think about is….. how the heck will I top this in 2020?!?

Let me know what you think about the costume. Was it a hit, or a flop? Also if you’re interested in discussing any custom-made garments or a costume idea, please send me a message and let’s talk!!


…and as always, thank you for reading! XOXO




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