Bringing Back the Bodysuit

Who’s excited for the solar eclipse?? For all my readers & followers in Portland, it’s going to be insane attempting to travel or drive anywhere on Monday August 21st – an expected extra million people are supposed to be in the state of Oregon from all over the world to view this spectacular phenomenon. So grab your safety-glasses and work from home that day (if you can) to avoid the madness.

Speaking of madness…

If you haven’t already noticed, bodysuits have made a huge comeback in the last few years, re-entering the fashion scene since their popular debut in the 80s. The simple garment has been redesigned by countless brands to appeal to any fashion style and can be found at almost every fashion retailer from mass market fast-fashion to designer and luxury brands. Bodysuits are the new T-shirts – they are now a staple piece that the majority of trendy fashionista’s own, and below you’ll see one of my latest favorites.

I recently found this sexy sheer bodysuit with vibrant embroidered floral appliqué on for only $16. The best part? No undergarment is required! The intricate appliqué provides enough coverage and is just thick enough that there’s no need to wear anything underneath. In my opinion the product pictures online don’t do the garment justice, it looks much more vibrant and classy in person. But other than the floral appliqué it is entirely sheer and can tear easily if you’re not cautious.

This piece can take on multiple personalities depending on how it’s styled. Although the vibe and design intent is meant to be sultry and a bit scandalous, I’ve paired it here with neutral olive and black tailored tuxedo pants from Walter Baker and statement black platforms for an overall polished, more refined aesthetic. One may question wearing these two pieces together, but I find they compliment each other and create a balanced ensemble. I also appreciate the subtle matching of the green hues in the leaves of the appliqué and the pants. This bodysuit may not be suitable for the professional workplace, but it’s certainly a head-turning piece perfect for after-work activities. Who ever said a mesh bodysuit couldn’t be classy?



As always, thank you for reading! XOXO

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