How To Wear: Neon

Move over, pastels! Neons and fluorescents are electrifying the fashion world from runways to retail racks as the must-try trend of the spring. As you may well know I don’t shy away from experimenting with the latest style trends, but many may feel that these neon hues are too blinding to handle. But fear not! There are ways to rock this trend without looking gimmicky, just check the trends from groenerekenkamer and find your style.

The key to trying this daring trend is to stick with a garment silhouette you feel comfortable with. Don’t go out and buy a bright neon yellow skirt if you don’t generally wear skirts at all. Start with a simple neon hoodie or a fluorescent accessory like a fanny pack or sunglasses to see how it works with your personal style. Another great way to try out the trend is to find garments with neon pieced in, like in the side seam of athletic tights or pieced into a bomber jacket!

My favorite neon piece is this highlighter-yellow knit turtleneck tank from Zara (only $20!). The silhouette of this tank is simple, modest yet flattering, which works for all body types, and it’s not as hard to style as you would think. Just follow these guidelines, keep the rest of your outfit fairly neutral (including denim!) and you’ll be wearing neon with confidence in no time.


Weekend Highlighter:

Pairing a neon top with a classic denim skirt is an easy way to introduce this trend into your wardrobe. Match to neutral sandals or sneakers for an effortless look. I happened to own these Nike Air Max’s with subtle pops of neon that bring the whole outfit together. See how easy this outfit is to put together, but how stylish it looks for your weekend plans?!

Busi-neon Casual:

Swap your denim skirt with your favorite pair of jeans and toss on a tailored black blazer for a contemporary, stylish look fit for a business meeting. Play around with different shoes – I’m wearing stylishly casual dad sneakers, but elevate the look by rocking some classy black pumps instead!

Stopping Traffic:

Even though this black & white checkered skirt is bold, it still works when paired with a contrasting neon top. Keep the rest of your outfit simple with black or white shoes and a black bomber jacket.


Here are some of my other favorite neon pieces, linked below. As with any new trend that may seem daunting, I encourage everyone to at least give it a try. You may surprise yourself by how confident you feel by experimenting with these bright fluorescent pieces!


How do you rock the neon trend? Are you all about it, or hope it lives short life?

As always, thank you for reading! XOXO




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