How to Wear: Snake Print with a Vegan Handbag

Slither-in to Snake Print

Snake print is just as popular as leopard right now and I am not mad about it! I have always loved the natural aesthetic of snake print and I’m thrilled the fashion world has caught on. I remember back in middle school I owned a pair of fabulous bright blue snake print pants (prob from Limited Too which is now Justice, anyone know that tween brand?) and I knew that someday the print would reappear on the retail floors in a big way.

This bold print can be tricky to style when introducing it into your closet. It shouldn’t be daunting, so I’m here to give you some style inspiration if you are contemplating adding some snake pieces to your wardrobe. Let’s start small with accessories and shoes, and as you gain confidence work your way up to the idea of purchasing a pair of snake print pants or a jacket! I’ve also included links to some of my favorite snake pieces.


Accessories / Shoes:

When matching to snake shoes, keep the rest of your outfit fairly simple. You want the focus to be on your eye-catching shoes, so pair them with a simple pair of jeans and an earth-tone top. I’m obsessed with this pair of snake booties from Steve Madden. You can find your perfect pair of snake shoes at Bootbomb.

A bold bag can either compliment an outfit or be the stand-out piece. You can get gorgeous vegan handbags from yourveganadventure that would match your outfit. This chartreuse snake bag (TopShop) is certainly more of a statement piece and how I styled it with a checkered skirt and color-coordinating sneakers is a little radical, but it gives you an idea of how pattern mixing CAN work if you consider your color scheme. So don’t be afraid to experiment!






This skintight bodysuit makes me feel like an actual snake (haha jk). But it’s so easy to wear! I styled it with black pleather shorts, black leggings and black booties for a unique look, but start simple by tucking a snake top or bodysuit into your favorite pair of jeans for an instant outfit upgrade. Switch out pants with a black skirt or even dress pants for a formal event. You can really wear this top with anything!




Ready for a bigger statement? Give a snake print dress a try! I’m a big fan of this snake shift dress (Zara), which looks so cute belted at the waist with chunky booties and leggings. Once the weather warms up, I may try to wear this with black biker shorts and dad sneakers, or I could wear this for a night out with the girls with a pair of strappy heels and a long cardigan!




Tight snake pants are gorgeous, but sometimes they can highlight areas you don’t find the most flattering. Try a loose pair of beach-friendly snake print pants instead! This pair, which I found at Zara for only $10, are light-weight and so easy to pair with a black tank-top and sandals. This outfit screams take me on vacation!




Probably the most show-stopping piece in the bunch, a bold snake print jacket makes a big fashion statement in a great way. Stay neutral with the rest of your ensemble – my red dress is even a bit contrasting; a LBD underneath a snazzy snake biker jacket is the ultimate confidence outfit.



And there you have it – you are ready to rock this trend on your own!

What are your thoughts on snake print? Do you have a favorite snake print item? Do you love this current trend, or are you ready for it to slither away?

As always, thank you for reading! XOXO



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