Mixed Feelings

Several years ago, Michael Kors showcased a collection of plaid + camo garments that I thought were horrid – I even tweeted about it, saying how plaid + camo should never be worn together. It’s funny how our ideas of something may change over time…
I’ve never been a big fan of the camouflage trend. It always reminded me of the army or hunting culture, which is a lifestyle I don’t particularly like to associate myself with. That being said, camo has become a neutral in the fashion world, a classic print like stripes or polka dots that doesn’t really go out of style. It keeps popping up in the collections of the most famous designers, with creative iterations splashing the runways at New York Fashion Week almost every season, and it’s consistently worn by industry influencers and on street style fashion blogs. When you’re exposed to something enough, you start to like it more – you may not like a song at first, but if you hear if often enough, you may find yourself humming it in the shower and eventually adding it to a playlist (this is actually a psychology term called the Mere-Exposure effect). I guess you could say this happened to me with the camo trend, so I finally decided to give it more of a chance in my wardrobe.
Last weekend I bought this pair of faded camo pants from Francesca’s. Once I got home I thought ‘hmm, are these really my style? What am I going to wear with these pants?’ I sifted through my closet and stumbled upon an oversized vintage red & black plaid flannel, which then jogged my memory of MK’s collection combining the two prints. So I gave it my own twist and threw together this outfit. The stark contrast and juxtaposition of the two patterns works while keeping the rest of the outfit neutral and casual with a black hat, a black mesh top and black (+iridescent) Nike Air Max sneakers.
Is this a combo you would try?

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