Guide to the Best Murals in Nashville


It’s no secret that Nashville, TN is home to some of the most well-known, Insta-famous murals and street art in the US. I’m pretty sure the Nashville “What Lifts You” Wings mural is one of the most instagrammed murals in the world. But some of the lesser-known murals in Nashville are hard to find! So to help you locate these fun, instagram-worthy murals, here’s a map and guide to some of the best street art in Nashville!





Nashville Looks Good On You

Located behind Frothy Monkey in a parking lot


I Believe in Nashville

Possibly the most popular mural in the 12 South neighborhood. Get to this mural early to beat the line!


Draper James Blue & White Wall

Not necessarily a mural, but a very cute, instagrammable striped wall right across the alley from I Believe in Nashville mural.


Make Music Not War

We just stumbled upon this mural without even searching! Located off 12th between Green Pea Salon and Epice.


Looking Pretty, Music City

Located on the wall outside of Madewell.



Drawbertson Drippy Lips

Vibrant red lips mural outside of United Apparel Liquidators on 21st


Dragon Mural

Difficult to get a picture of this gigantic artwork without cars obstructing its view, but here’s a pretty decent one:



Acoustic Skyline

Another piece that’s tough to get a good picture of without cars, as it’s located in a busy parking lot right off Division Street.


What Lifts You Wings

If you’ve ever googled Nashville, I’m sure you’ve seen a picture of these giant wings. Get to this mural first thing in the morning on a weekday unless you want to wait in a long line of tourists and basic bitches.



A really colorful geometric mountain mural outside of Patagonia on Mansion Street.


Jason Woodside & Ian Ross Murals

These two murals are HUGE, if you walk down 11th Ave in the Gulch you won’t be able to miss them!




*IMPORTANT UPDATE MARCH 4, 2020: The murals listed below were sadly affect by the March 2020 tornado that caused horrible destruction throughout Nashville. Some of these buildings were destroyed and the murals are no longer there.

Nashville Balloons

You can find this adorable balloon mural on the side of BoomBozz Taphouse off S 10th Street. (This picture below was featured on Nashville’s official Instagram! See the post here)


Molly Green

This cute East Nashville boutique has two rainbow murals on either side, one with and one without black polka dots.


Alley Cats

Located on an abandoned garage right around the corner from Molly Green, behind The Basement. There are several other smaller murals in the area if you wander around the property.


I Believe in Nashville #2

Believe it or not, there’s a second one! This mural is exactly like the one located on 12 South, but in a less touristy neighborhood so you could travel to East Nash to potentially get this mural all to yourself!


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There you have it! I hope this guide helps you find each of these murals yourself! I know there are many more murals and street art all around Nashville – next time I visit I hope to discover even more!

What are some of your favorite murals in Nashville?? I’d love to know!


As always, thank you for reading! XOXO




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