Do Nasty Gals Do It Better?

A review of fast-fashion retailer, Nasty Gal.


Hey girl, just so you know, Nasty Gal is 50% off right now!” That is the text I received from a friend that inspired me to make my first purchase from

Quick side note, for those of you who don’t know what Nasty Gal is: #Girlboss Sophia Amoruso started Nasty Gal Vintage on eBay back in 2006, where she thrifted and sold second-hand designer clothing. Her eBay shop quickly grew in popularity with the help of social media and turned into several years later, selling the latest in trendy fashion for young women. Nasty Gal grew to be a multi-million dollar company by 2012 and was named one of the “fastest growing retailers.” However in contradiction of it’s success, several varying factors led to the downfall of the company in 2016. They filed for bankruptcy in 2017 and have since been acquired by the fast-fashion group BooHoo.

I’ve known about Nasty Gal for years. I recall discussing the brand in a few of my college classes and the reason I never purchased anything from them was due to their reputation of treating employees poorly and seeing negative comments about the brand online. But I can’t deny that their product offering has always been on-point and prices were relatively affordable. Now that Nasty Gal has been acquired by BooHoo, their prices have decreased even more and EVERYTHING is 50% off. As you all know I’m a sucker for a good deal, so I thought I would give them a try.

Here’s what I bought. These images are taken directly from Nasty Gal’s website. My total (with the 50% discount applied) came to $174. That’s not bad for six pieces.

If you check out my Instagram, I posted a public review on my story (under “Reviews” on my timeline) of the products I ordered. At the time, I was extremely unimpressed. My initial thoughts? Fabric seems extremely cheap and production is poor (loose threads that could unravel at any moment). Even with 50% off, I don’t think some of the pieces were worth the price (prices quoted below are after to 50% discount). Being bought out by BooHoo not only decreased the price, but also severely decreased the overall product quality. Continue to read my in-depth review of each piece I ordered!


My usual size/proportions (just for sizing reference)

Tops: S/M or 4; Pants: M or 6/8; Dresses: S/M or 4/6.

Bust: 32D; Waist: 26 in; Hips: 38 in.


Mustard Polka Dot Pants

Size: 6. Price: $20. 100% polyester.

Right when I put these on, I knew I wasn’t going to keep them. The style, color and print are certainly right on trend – mustard yellow is the color of 2018 and polka dots are extremely popular – but the fabric is sheer, unforgiving and emphasizes every curve on my body. Some would say this isn’t a bad thing, but I found them to be rather unflattering. A slightly thicker fabric could have solved all of these problems. You can tell how lightweight and wrinkly the fabric is in the photos below (especially in the second photo, peep the garment tag and my lovely underwear outline), whereas the product photos on Nasty Gal suggest the pants are heavier. I also noticed that the side buttons, which are just aesthetic details, already look like they’re about to fall off. I think $20 is a fair price for what these pants are, but I would be happy spending $40 on them if they were made out of a better fabrication.


Checkerboard Skirt

Size: M. Price: $28. 50% polyester, 50% PU.

When I first put this skirt on, I really liked it. I love the bold checker print. The front zip closure makes it super easy to put on. It is also fully-lined, which is refreshing (although makes the skirt slightly tighter on my body). Vinyl skirts and dresses have been trending for several seasons now and I wasn’t sure how I felt about the trend but I think it really works with this product. I’m also a fan of the length of this skirt – purchasing skirts online can be tricky to gauge how long it’s going to be on your body, but this hits me mid-thigh so I might even be able to get away with wearing it to work! It also fits my little waist. Skirts are tough for me, since I have a curvy butt and hips and a smaller waist. They usually fit one aspect of my figure and not the other. Only thing I dislike about this piece is the polyurethane fabric bunches when I walk and when I’m sitting. I also wish it had pockets, but we can’t have it all. Definitely a keeper!


Colorblocked Pleather Pants

Size: 6. Price: $40. 100% polyethylene backing: 100% polyester.

These pleather pants are a biggggg fashion risk. I was drawn to them because they were so bold and unique; I love the pop of red & white and the red back pockets. However on the NG model they look cropped, hitting her right above her ankles. On me, the pants are an awkward length between full-length and cropped. When I first put these on, I thought that maybe I would like them better if they were tapered at the ankle, not flared. They’re also extremely hot, the pleather is not breathable at all. I polled my followers on Instagram, almost exactly 50% voted for me to keep these and 50% voted that they are pretty awful. What is my final decision? I’m returning them. While they do make my booty look fantastic, I just don’t know if I can pull them off. In person they look like horseback riding pants – I was hoping they would look more high-fashion.  Bummed.


Multi-Color Striped Two-Piece Set

Size: 6. Price: $35. 100% polyester.

The IG voters have spoken and they REALLY wanted me to keep this matching set. First time I tried it on, I wasn’t completely sold on keeping it. The pants are pretty loose in the waist and the top is kind of skimpy. But after trying it on again in the daytime and styling the set properly I changed my mind. Fabrication on this set is lightweight, but not quite as light and unflattering as the yellow pants above. The pants could still use a good ironing, but they’re extremely comfortable. The colors are surprisingly vibrant and I appreciate that the vertical stripes align in the middle of the center seam (on the pants). The tie-top is adjustable to fit any bust size and the pants legs are a perfect length for me as well (just long enough to wear with heels!). And at least I can get away with wearing the pants to work. It’s definitely a show-stopping number! I wouldn’t have purchased it if it weren’t for the 50% off, $70 seems too pricey for this set. But for $35, I’ll be keeping this.


Black Lemon Dress

Size: Small. Price: $25. 100% cotton.

Didn’t fit me AT ALL. I couldn’t even try to get it over my butt. I contemplated exchanging it for a medium but decided against it, mostly because it’s made out of cotton and would shrink after washing anyway. However the style and fabric of this dress seemed slightly more premium than the white lemon dress below, but they are sold for the same price. Had I originally ordered a size that fit me, I probably would have kept this dress. It’s really cute, plus lemons are trending. Oh well.


White Lemon Dress

Size: 6. Price: $25. 100% polyester.

This dress was the worst of the bunch. It looks SO cute on the NG model, but on me it looks like a cheap, wrinkly, slutty apron. Other than the fun, vivid lemon print, there’s not much else I actually like about this piece. The spaghetti straps come untied, which is sort of nice so you can adjust to your liking, but they’re flimsy and not proportionate. Much like the yellow pants, the fabric is super sheer (notice the fold-over lining on the top in the first picture) and wrinkles easily. This dress is also extremely short on me, it barely covers my butt! I didn’t notice that the dress featured two tiny front pockets when I purchased it, but I feel like these pockets make it feel even more like an apron. Not a fan of this at all. Neither were my IG voter. HARD pass!


So, at the end of all that, I kept two pieces and returned four. Not mad about getting some $$$ back, but a little disappointed overall with my first Nasty Gal purchase. I certainly wouldn’t rush back to get anything else from the brand. I personally think there are other online fast-fashion retailers that sell similarly trendy clothing in the same price bracket that offer better quality and construction (even Forever 21 has pieces around the same price that are much better quality!). Also, who would ever pay FULL PRICE for these products? Learn from me, my friends, and know what to expect when you shop Nasty Gal.

I hope that this review was helpful and informative! And as always, thank you for reading!


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