Pros & Cons of Bumbershoot

Set in the middle of Seattle, Bumbershoot is a 3-day music and arts festival that happens every Labor Day weekend. The headliners this year included Flume, Lorde, Odesza, Flo Rida, Big Sean, Dillon Francis and so on. This is the second year I’ve attended the festival, but my friend and I were only able to attend on Friday. *sigh* Responsibilities. But we were mostly drawn to the Friday line-up anyway, which included Foster the People, Big Sean, Flume and a night cap with Flo Rida.

All performances were impressive, with Big Sean being a fan favorite. I was surprised that he wasn’t a closer, as he definitely drew the biggest crowd. He had fantastic stage presence and really knew how to get the crowd riled up, beginning his set with “Moves” and closing with “IDFWY.” Live rap performances are really hit or miss (I saw Fetty Wap last year and was SO disappointed), but would highly recommend seeing Big Sean live if you get the chance. Flume followed Big Sean on the main outdoor stage, who also put on a captivating performance. Unfortunately, we had to leave Flume’s set mid-way to catch the end of Flo Rida, who was surprisingly talented live and extremely entertaining, despite the fact that I thought he tried to have a conversation with the crowd too much. But you can only imagine how wild we got when he played his bangers like “Low” and “Right Round.” I kind of forgot how many hits Flo Rida had….
All-in-all, it was an incredibly fun evening to kick off Labor Day Weekend. And for anyone who has never attended Bumbershoot, here’s a list of my personal pros and cons in regards to the festival:




  • It’s in the middle of the city, so once the event is over at 11pm, you can easily hop to the nearest bars so the night doesn’t end early.
  • It’s not only a music festival – there’s also live theater, comedy, film, art installations and tons of local food vendors, so it attracts a wide variety of individuals and it doesn’t feel like a grimy rave.
  • The music line-up is also very diverse. Popular performers from all music genres are in attendance
  • Everything is really close together so it’s easy to run from stage to stage, as long as it’s not inside Key Arena.
  • $250 gets you a 3-day pass, which is a pretty good price for music festival standards. Or you can pay anywhere from $99-$150 for a one-day pass if you don’t want to attend all three days.


  • It’s all ages, so you’re surrounded by angsty high schoolers, especially if you want to be close to the stages. This for me is the biggest downside to Bumbershoot, I don’t really want to see 14-year-olds drinking and doing drugs and wearing clothing they shouldn’t be wearing at that age.
  • Some of the best performers usually play inside Key Arena, which has a very small capacity. So you have to get there early and stay there if you want to see certain headliners, and if you leave it’s unlikely you’ll be let back in.
  • Since it’s held on Labor Day Weekend, it could be rain or shine. Thank god this year was shine, but last year it did rain the first day.

And in case you’re wondering, here’s what I wore to the festival, along with a few other photos from our eventful evening:



As always, thank you for reading! XOXO

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