Say "Hi" to Thigh-Highs

Thigh high boots are all the rage this winter and are especially treasured by those of us who don’t necessarily enjoy wearing pants. During these cold months my thigh highs have become my favorite accessory, and they definitely add major sass-factor to any outfit. However this new fashion trend is a bit controversial, mostly due to the idea that they resemble hooker boots and are typically associated with the Kardashians and edgy pop stars. And to be fair, if styled the wrong way you could end up looking like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. But in my opinion, the myth that these boots can’t be worn in a sophisticated, professional way should be stomped (see what I did there?) I’ve been asked by many how to make these statement boots stylishly-sexy instead of slutty, and also how to make them work-appropriate. Trust me, when styled correctly, they will definitely turn heads, in a positive way.
I’m always hungry to try new trends, so I bought my first pair of thigh highs with enthusiasm. To play it safe, I chose to purchase a simple pair of black suede boots (the Ella boot from with minimal embellishments and trimmings. You can easily get away with wearing these boots to work, especially during the chilly season. Wear them over your choice of skinny pants with a long sleeved turtleneck top, a peacoat and a scarf and you’ve got a whole new professional look! My favorite way to wear them is with tights and a midi-dress or shorts and bundled on top with lots of layers.
After gaining confidence in my first pair of boots, I had to buy another to change things up. I recently purchased a second pair (the Megan boot from, which I found to be a little trickier to style because of the color and the clear heel. However, when worn with tailored pieces and the right color scheme, these beige beauties can be professional and sophisticated and the clear heel looks modern and fashion-forward.
There are many different ways to incorporate a pair of thigh high boots into your wardrobe this winter. If you’re hesitant about trying this popular trend, my advice is to start simple. Do you have a go-to outfit that you always wear with nice sneakers or flats? When I’m getting dressed in the morning, sometimes I’ll throw on my black boots instead of sneakers and my entire look goes from blah to BAM! The key to thigh-highs (and really any bold article of clothing) is to wear them with confidence. I’d love to hear how you style yours!

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