Society's Standards

One of the reasons I was slightly nervous to start a fashion blog, where I’m continuously posting pictures of myself in various outfits, was because of my self-consciousness. A lot of the fashion bloggers I follow have the “perfect” fashion physique, with long, thin legs, a tiny waist and minimal curves. I am not built this way. My torso is long, my boobs are tiny, my hips and thighs barely fit into pants. I’m pear-shaped. I’m un-proportionate, to society’s standards. I was even having a conversation with some guy friends over the weekend about how I desperately want to get a boob job to make my body more balanced from top to bottom. I’ll admit I’m one of the millions of girls who have been brainwashed by the media into believing that there is a perfect body type. And according to them, whoever they are, I don’t fit that mold. But does that mean that I shouldn’t wear tight pants, low-cut tops and bodycon dresses?

Hell no.

But I do have a terribly hard time finding pants that fit. When I find the right pair, it’s like a Cinderella story. I was wearing these incredible high-waisted ripped jeans a few weeks ago at work and a woman stopped me to ask where I bought them. To my surprise, and her dismay, I couldn’t for the life of me remember. So when I got back to my desk, I did a little detective work…. And I found them! These jeans from make me feel like a bad-ass, whether I’m wearing them in the office or out clubbing.
Here’s how I wore them in a work setting. I paired the pants with this funky watercolor wild cat top from H&M with my black Chelsea booties ( and a black & gold choker from Forever 21.
And for a night out, I wore the pants with a mesh jumpsuit from American Apparel, a thick black belt, and those fabulous strappy pointed-toe booties from Ippolitan.
Self-love and a positive body image is something I work on every day. For every positive message I hear, there are about 20 that make me question the way I am built. But this is me, and I am going to wear what I want when I want. I’m going to wear what makes me feel confident. And eventually, I hope we abolish society’s idea of the perfect body.

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