Sweet Summer Sixteen

I’d like to jump back in time real quick. Although fall is beginning, I don’t want to forget some incredible experiences from this summer: I was lucky enough to get to travel to Thailand & Singapore through work, I went to LA (twice), crossed a day at Harry Potter World off my bucket list, went to two incredible music festivals (HARD Summer & Bumbershoot), made a bundle of new friends, went on countless hikes, and honestly learned to be open to new things and experiences that might scare me. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone… but this is how you grow, and I feel I personally grew a lot this summer.

HARD Summer Music Fest

Unfortunately I don’t have a ton of super fashionable blog-worthy photos of all my summer outfits, but here’s one from Day 1 of HARD Summer Music Fest, held in Fontana, CA. I really wasn’t sure what the fashion vibe of HARD would be, so I dressed more “Coachella”-esque than “Rave Babe,” and I felt very comfortable.
This adorable crochet halter top is from Forever 21, and these lightweight printed shorts are actually from a street market in Thailand called Asiatique. Comfort was essential for footwear with a pair of basic Keds and I layered on several bold necklaces, also from Forever 21. Although, the best part of my outfit were these incredible sunglasses that I bought on Ebay for $4! I only have one pair, but they have many different color options and for $4, I might go buy them all.
HARD Summer was a fantastic experience; I hope I get the chance to go next year too. My favorite performer by far was AlunaGeorge, who actually came out with a new album “I Remember” last week (highly recommend taking a listen). Seeing the electronic duo live made me fall in love with their music and their vibe, and lead singer Aluna Francis is a wonder. She puts on an amazing show. A few other noteworthy sets were DJ Mustard, Baauer, Madeon, Pretty Lights, and of course, Major Lazer. In my opinion, there’s a really nice mix of genre’s at this festival, everything from head-banging dubstep to pop-electronic dance to Straight Outta Compton rap (yes, Ice Cube was there too). It was a magical weekend.


Bumbershoot was also a incredible weekend event. Located in the heart of downtown Seattle during Labor Day weekend, this festival is more like a vibrant city fair. This year, I was drawn to buy a 3-Day pass because of the music line-up, but if I ever go again I want to spend more time exploring all the other attractions, like comedy theater, interpretive dancing & artist booths. My favorite performer at Bumbershoot was Kygo, who closed out the first night with an incredibly uplifting set, but I was also blown away by Jai Wolf, Marshmello, Zhu & TOKiMONSTA. Contrarily, and I say this with a broken heart, we saw Fetty Wap and I felt his performance was sub-par. I was looking forward to seeing Fetty & his right eye the most, and he let me down. He was still entertaining to watch, but he did not showcase his talent at all… you can only listen to him say “yeah baby” in that shaky, raspy voice so many times before it gets old.
Here’s my friend Chantel & I on the 1st and 2nd day of Bumbershoot. There’re those fantastic sunglasses again! On Day 1 I was wearing a beige crop top of Chantel’s from H&M with flowy tribal shorts from Forever 21 and more Cleopatra-style necklaces. Day 2 I wore a beautiful crop top with a hand-drawn illustration screen print from Wanderlust & Wildhearts, which has a brick & mortar store in PDX & also a booth at Portland’s Saturday Market, paired with a beaded faux suede mini skirt from Express.
I am a bit melancholy about the warm season coming to an end, especially because summertime clothes are my favorite, but I look back at summer 2016 fondly and welcome fall with zest. It’s almost time to store away my crop tops & skater dresses and break out those cozy sweaters & blanket scarves (“blarfs” for short).
Cheers to you readers! Happy Autumn!!


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