Unapologetically Me

Today is my one-year blogiversary! Big thank you to everyone who has read, liked, followed or interacted with my page in any way (also big shout out to my photographers!) – I’m so glad I decided to give blogging a shot! It’s been such a fun learning experience and I’m excited to see where it might lead to in the future.

Earlier in the summer I was out with some friends for a girls night and wore an outfit which garnered a lot of attention. I was silly enough to not take any pictures that evening, but made a mental note to use it in one of my posts. So here it is!

This black mesh top from has been a favorite of mine all summer, especially because I love showing off cute bandeaus and bralettes but at times don’t want to expose too much skin. These high-waisted leopard shorts from Zara are the best – they’re loose and comfortable but also sexy and playful, perfect for dancing, and can easily transition into fall. I enjoy throwing together and testing unexpected combos, whether it be prints, contrasting colors or textures, and my decision to complete this ensemble with these beautiful bright turquoise heels (from when I easily could have gone with a neutral heel made the outfit really pop. I like being daring *insert devil emoji* and this outfit certainly reflects my personality – fierce, bold and unapologetically me.



As always, thank you for reading! XOXO


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